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TransHome is a top professional translation agency that provides a Certified translation in Dubai with offices in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. We provide our clients across business industries various services from Certified Translation in Dubai and interpretation services to localization services for websites and mobile applications and DTP.

Why Choose TransHome Certified Translation in Dubai?

TransHome as a Professional Translation Services in Dubai provides a Certified Translation in Dubai and Yes, TransHome is a professional translation agency that accredited and agreed by embassies and government entities in UAE, Egypt and Kuwait.

Certified translation services in Dubai, Egypt, and Kuwait in over 120 languages what else do you need..?

The professional translation agency knows the importance of staying with hustle culture and uses the latest CAT software to translate thousands of words every day while also taking time to carefully go over each and every part of your projects to ensure it is exactly what you wanted to see.


A varied team's experts of certified translator Dubai with efficient uses of the latest technology help keep out rates affordable.


As a professional translation agency, we want you to use your translated documents and tailored marketing tools tomorrow and will ensure fast project turnaround.


Our support is evident from the first time you contact our responsive customer service team to the way we work to resolve any and all of your project concerns.


Ask about our Quality Assurance (QA) process and you will be happy to know that it involves 4 steps and 4 to 5 different professionals making us a thorough professional translation agency.

Our Services

Translation Translation Services

Translation Services

120 languages and dialects available for Professional human certified translation services supported by The latest CAT (computer-assisted) tools. Each project goes through a 4-phase process: translation, review, editing/ proofreading, and quality assurance.

Localization services | transhome translation in Dubai

Localization Services

Your marketing strategies are kept consistent after your content, taglines, and slogans are transcreated and localized into a new language.


Interpretation Services

Choose simultaneous or consecutive interpretation for your organization's next conference. A project manager will help you lease any necessary interpreting equipment to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

Content creation

Content Creation

Send us your documents to rewrite, create using a few Instructions or work with you to develop the ideas you have for content or website copy. We offer DTP, graphic design, copy-writing, and audio content.

Certified Translation in Dubai…Do you need one?

Although translation services considered as one of the essential bases for both “the growth of business profits” and, “providing individuals’ needs”, most people are not aware of services provided by a translation company. There is a huge gap in understanding the type of service they need. One of those mysteries is certified translation services, you need to know when, why, and how to ask for a Certified Translation in Dubai?

What is the definition of Certified Translation Services?

Certified translation services is a similar process to ordinary translation service; the one which we are commonly familiar with, but it differs in two sections,

Must be done by a certified translator 

A certified translator who does the job, especially in certified translation in Dubai where only allowing to a certified translator to produce such translations to make sure that the translation did not change and its accuracy is integral as in the original. 

This certified translator must have specific qualifications, also must have earned an acceptable license for all certificate conditions. TransHome Certified Translation in Dubai has chosen every certified translator of its team carefully to build a professional certified translation’ team.

Needs special requirements,

In order to fulfill the legal requirements in government and embassies which differ from one country to the other and naturally differs from an embassy to another.

TransHome provide accreditable Certified Translation in Dubai by all the embassies

How to choose the right interpretation services to get that most out of your conference and meetings?

We are living in a multilingual environment where there will be always a need for conference interpreting services which are divided into three types of interpretation services,

Simultaneous Interpretation and Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental,

TransHome interpreters provide simultaneous interpretation in Dubai, by translating the speech simultaneously without disturbing the speaker, in real-time. furthermore, we are providing Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental for events and equipment.

Telephone Interpreting

What is over the phone interpreting services?... it is telephone interpreting, another service provided by TransHome’s team for breaking language barriers and served to online businesses meetings. Which decreases the misunderstanding potential in calls between people who speak different languages; an effective method in dealing with clients or partners

Video Remote Interpreting Services (VRI)

Video remote interpreting services have uses globally in many urgent cases, imagine someone who can understand you in an emergency case!! interpreter who can analyze the situation where there is no room for mistakes. This service is usually used in Business telecommunication, Police rooms. In medical emergency situations and legal requirement






When you looking for the best Certified Translation in Dubai, don’t hesitate and contact TransHome.

We have a team of Certified Translators in Dubai so we guarantee to provide you with top-notch Certified Translation in Dubai and The Middle East.

Why literary translation is challenging?

Literary translation creates many challenges, so you need a well-cultured translator, who converts translations from a poem to another language and maintain the same beauty in meaning for while reading translated literary transcript.

Other challenge would be “ancient language”
To reach more audiences, old poems, dramatic prose, books, and literary artwork must cross language barriers and need a professional translator aware of the language conditions in both source and target language.
Creativity in literary translation
Literary translation depends on translators’ creativity and the skills of creative art writer, more than the ordinary translator skills. It is not merely a process of converting a language to another, but translator must bring beauty to his literary translation same as in the original piece.
Literary translation | certified translation Dubai
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