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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “long-distance”? Probably a long-distance phone call. Today, business professionals are depending on the updated long-distance phone call for team training, progress meetings, pitching ideas, solving problems, and handling countless other workplace issues.

Modern Times Spell Good Fortune for Telephone Interpreting Clients

TransHome is made up of interpretation professionals who possess excellent language skills, cultural knowledge to correspond to that language, and subject knowledge. Our interpreters have years of experience using advanced language skills to verbally relate speech at a pace and tone that matches that of the original speaker. 

What Our Telephone Interpreting Service Looks Like

While we get ready to offer telephone interpreting services at a moment’s notice, we ask clients to give us a call at least 24 hours in advance. If you need telephone interpreting services urgently, please give us a call and we will do our best.

We Offer Telephone Interpreting for Ongoing Appointments and Short, One-Time Telephone Sessions

Some of our clients need regular telephone interpreter services for weekly team meetings or annual business events, while others request the service while traveling on business. One or two interpreters will be assigned to interpret depending on the length of the call. This is why we recommend contacting one of our offices or our Translation office in Dubai as soon as you have an idea of how long the conversation will be. 

TransHome Matches Clients and Telephone Interpreting Service Provider

Each language professional, whether a translator or interpretation services provider for telephone interpreting, has a different business industry background. Project managers use these professional backgrounds to match you with an interpreter who will be familiar with the key terms used throughout your conversation. 

TransHome Offers the Prompt Telephone interpreter services

Fortunately, long-distance calls are more affordable and convenient than ever. This is especially true when you have to communicate with parties who speak a different language. How? By hiring TransHome professional translation services in Dubai, a top Certified Translation Provider, you have the freedom to set up as many telephone interpreting sessions as you need with whomever you need to speak with. We offer interpreting services for more than 120 languages.

Contact TransHome the Professional Certified Translation in Dubai. 

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