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Simultaneous  Interpretation Services in Dubai for many common and uncommon world languages is quickly becoming a go-to language service because of the freedom it gives to business professionals in any field.

During a session, an experienced interpreter will verbally translate what the speaker is saying as they are talking. This type of Interpretation Services is the most difficult language service for many reasons, including the reasons Robin Setton gave in Simultaneous Interpretation (1999).

Simultaneous Interpretation services: Challenging Demands That Require Experience

The language service is not a simple job even for people with advanced linguistic abilities; rather, it requires someone with years of experience using the required language pairs and who can think on their feet… very quickly. Setton explained this almost 2 decades ago, saying that simultaneous interpretation is among the most complex test of human cognitive/linguistic abilities. This is because of the intense cognitive effort and concentration that go into the task, a fact he discovered when analyzing samples collected from Chinese to English and German to English simultaneous interpretation. 

A Simultaneous Interpreter with active thinking skills, not just a Test of Language Skills and Speed

A professional simultaneous interpreter needs to have excellent memory recall skills. A language phenomena happens in the brain when there is an incoming (from speaker to the interpreter) and outgoing speech (from the interpreter to the person waiting to hear the new language) at the same time. This phenomena challenges the interpreter’s ability to rapidly process and store information in their working memory. 

TransHome is Introducing New Ways of Providing a Time-Honored simultaneous interpretation services.

TransHome has been providing Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Dubai to over 500 clients across Dubai, and the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe for over 15 years. As a company for certified translation services in Dubai, the team at TransHome is capable of providing the expertise necessary for accurate interpretation and Professional Translation Services for even the most complex technical topics. We are recognized as leaders in our field, and we have provided interpreters when and where our clients need them in over 120 languages and dialects. 

Go ahead and expand your business to other nations, don’t let a language be your barrier.  Be confident to reach out to potential customers through industry Conference Interpreting, sales meetings, international seminars, and training seminars, governmental meetings, legal settings, and trade shows, and more. TransHome is your reliable partner because we have the ability to listen to a message delivered in any language while interpreting those words into another language, all in real time.

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