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Proofreading: A Language Service Essential to All Other Translation Services

Transhome offers proofreading services that are included in your competitive rate across language services and can be requested as a separate service as needed. Language specialists use cultural and subject knowledge to ensure:

  • translation accuracy,
  • adherence to grammar rules,
  • correct spelling,
  • correct meaning,
  • cultural accuracy, and
  • appropriate subject matter wording.  

proofreading services

Transhome offers proofreading for all kinds of big or small projects, including:

  • Research Papers and Reports
  • Article Reviews
  • Research Studies
  • E-Books
  • Kindle Books
  • Self-Published Works
  • Creative Writing

Expert and Affordable Proofreading Services:

  • University Professors
  • Graduate Students
  • Publishing Companies
  • Small Businesses
  • Personal Blog Owners
  • Language Service Providers
  • And others

Proofreading for Multiple Languages

Transhome professional linguists serve as proofreaders for more than 120 European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African languages and dialects. Each linguist has a high degree of cultural competence and subject knowledge which make our language services team unique. All language projects are proofread in the source or target language as required.

We Proofread Original Work or Created Content

Transhome is reputed for our strict adherence to deadlines as well as a quality assurance process that includes two kinds of proofreading. Clients can send us their written documents, newsletters or any other material to edit and review or request content creation for original website copywriting, social media campaigns, DTP services and more.


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