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A translator is so skilled he writes his own fairytale and magic gives it the power to become a more than 100-year old novel read by children and adults across the world to this day.

Portuguese-speaking Santiago found himself speaking to Arab readers in their native language. How?

Like the talented and skilled French translator Carlo Collodi, who wrote Pinoccio, a professional translator knows the power their meticulous literary translation efforts should have on your readers. How was Paulo Coehlo’s famous The Alchemist character able to accomplish this? Well… He found himself in the hands of this language expert first.

TransHome Provides Literary Translation for Original Fiction and Non-Fiction Works

TransHome’s professional translators make other language services work. They have been using Literary Translation Services to break down language and cultural barriers for years while serving people across countries, cultures, age groups, career backgrounds, and lifestyles. However, in order to give diverse readers a chance to benefit from your original literary work is to hire an experienced literary translator who truly understands what your work is saying and preserves those important factors in the new novel, manual, magazine, electronic book or any other format.

What Literary Translation Services Can Do

Famous literary works are as popular as they are today because of literary translation services. Pinocchio would have stayed in Italy never to become a popular Disney movie earning more than $84 million worldwide, the Harry Potter series would not have grossed more than $7.7 billion globally, and The Alchemist would not have sold over 350 million copies.

Why Trust TransHome with Your Fiction and Non-Fiction Creative Works

TransHome is a top Translation and Localization, and Certified Translation Providers. Our language specialists love a good story and will make sure that your story is told in the new language exactly how you intended. Literary translation is often considered the most challenging type of translation because of its high demand of target language culture knowledge. Fortunately, Literary Translation Services is actually one of the language services we greatly enjoy and have the required specialized skills to ensure translation transparency and fidelity.

Ready to Handle Large or Small Projects with the Tightest Deadlines. How?

TransHome expert translators will handle all your literary translations of up to 12,000 words a day in more than 120 languages. We emphasize human translation and use computer-assisted translation tools to translate anything from 50-page ebooks to helping create digital or print full-length novels.

Call us today and let’s help diverse readers across countries, languages, and cultures enjoy your creative writing.

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