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TransHome Company is the leading in providing Certified Translation Services in Dubai

TransHome is accredited by all government agencies, including the U.S. and Australian embassies and various consulates. Our team containing a certified translator for each industry also members are professionals at heart and respect the confidentiality of your most sensitive information and documents. Feel safe that your official documents and legal paperwork will be translated professionally, then delivered to you at your requested time.

Trust a Certified Translation Company with Your Documents

We will deliver all translated and stamped. Whatever life has in store for you, TransHome lets you take control of getting your documents translated accurately in the exact language and dialect you need. Not only that, our certified translation providers use computer-assisted tools to translate different formats, then review, edit, and proofread carefully to ensure translation services are faithfulness.  

When can I know that I need a certified translator? And when do I ask for Certified translation services?

When it comes to certified translation if you have legal or government documents and you need to get them certified. You will need a certified translator who does the job.

A certified translator not only gets all the process done, but you can also hire them to review your translation and to gets you the certification approved by all embassies and government entities.

What are the common uses for Certified Translation Services in Dubai?

We will share with you the certified translation needs in both conditions if you were a business or an individual.

For businesses

  • Legal transactions like contracts with corporate dealings

  • Financial reports

  • Certificated bank statements, passports, and medical papers.

For individual

  • Applying for a traveling visa

  • Birth, adoption, and divorce certificates.

  • Marriage certificates, especially for those who are planning to marry a foreigner.

  • Certified copies of diplomas.

  • Driving license

  • Patent filings

Get Your Documents Translated on Time with our Certified Translation Providers, and Go On to the Next Step.

Make your budget work for you by getting accurate certified translation services in Dubai and translated documents for the first time. Many individuals, business professionals, and entrepreneurs pay for the same language service over and over until they get a usable certified translator for documents. TransHome believes in helping you get translated documents you can use tomorrow for a competitive price. 

Contact TransHome a Certified Translation Providers for a free quote then a project manager will handle your entire project from the minute you send us your certificates, degrees, letters, awards, or whatever official documents you need to the minute one of our representatives hand-delivers the completed papers to you or sends them through our secure email.

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