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Business translation services have become a necessity in the business world because more and more companies are globalizing their marketing efforts, going into business with foreign parties, outsourcing various tasks, and training their team using material originating from a different country. One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is finding professional translation services that will popularize their brands in foreign markets and help their business run smoothly. This is where you can count on TransHome for support in all business translation needs.

What is Business Translation services?

Every business owner, executive, or corporate professional has to find a quality language provider to could handle all business documents translation needs. This includes documents that become necessary during any stage of the life of your company. Startups will often require the translation of business contracts, business and marketing plans, financial records, and various verification documents.

TransHome is considered a Professional Certified Translation in Dubai (we proudly serve clients in and around the Middle East and North Africa region) and provides professional business translation services to business executives and entrepreneurs across business industries.

Why Choose TransHome for Your Business translation Needs?

Because we know what business translation requires. Our expert team has been providing business translation services for decades and seen countless types of business documents come across or desks (and emails). Professionals can translate up to 12,000 words for these reasons:

A 3-step Quality Assurance policy

It takes great skill to ensure that all business translation services are completed accurately with a consistent meaning. We aim for transparency in translation and employ many native language speakers for reviewing, proofreading, editing.

Tech-savvy team members use up-to-date translation software

Did you know that CAT tools, or computer-assisted translation software, are regularly updated and newer versions are made available? TransHome makes it a priority to use only the most efficient CAT tools and train language professionals on mastering all hardware and software.


We understand that your original business documents often contain sensitive information that needs to be translated with care and kept confidential. All of our professional TransHome team members adhere to a strict confidentiality policy.


The deadline you agree upon with your project manager is the date your documents or entire files will be ready. Ask about having the finished certified translation services sent right to your door.


TransHome is a client-focused company; we stand by our promise to deliver an expert business translation in the format, manner, or type (some clients request certified business translations) you need. If your business translation is not perfect, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

TransHome continues to offer business translation services to different local and international clients and can’t wait to serve your business.

Contact TransHome a Professional Legal Translation Company in Dubai. and get top-notch quality Legal Translation in Dubai.

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