Arabization and Expansion Techniques

Arabization and expansion techniques

Arabization and Expansion Techniques Across in the Medical, Science Education and Business Fields

Let’s have a brief look at how Arabization, specifically standardizing Arabic terms in the medical, science education and business fields, is seen. 


Medical school faculty members in Saudi Arabia are among the decision-making officials who want to see medical content, including textbooks, lectures, curriculum, and media, Arabized for their students. A research study published in the US National Library of Medicine found that Arabizing texts in medical education schools in the Arab world helped students read up to 43% faster and understand the material better. Students’ reading comprehension also improved by 15%. The Arab Medical Union wants to see more medical college professionals across the Arab world teach in Arabic. So far, only 5 schools out of 90 teach in Arabic.


University Science Education

Officials at the undergraduate and graduate college levels want to standardize the use of Arabic scientific terms in scientific and technical education. A study was conducted with two of the universities where faculty members use Arabic expanding techniques in lectures. The study focused on the use of Arabic scientific terms in the Jordan University of Science and Technology and the University of Damascus in Syria, two of the few universities across the Arab world that offer lectures in Arabic. The study found that the Arabic language is strong enough to handle new scientific terms and that it already contained scientific terms that should be reactivated and used today.

Source: file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/122-395-1-PB%20(1).pdf 


Another study coming from the University of Jordan and Yarmouk University examined the use of Arabic business terms. The study wanted to find out how accepted standardized Arabic business terms would be using 200 questionnaires that were distributed to business students at each university and found a positive, to a degree, reaction to using standard Arabic business terms in the business world. While the reaction is still moderate, it shows that there is an openness to expanding the language in universities, especially with Arabization decision-makers.


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