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It all started in 2002 in a small Agency providing Legal Translation Services in Giza, Egypt. Ever since then, TransHome has been working hard to maintain and surpass the level it has reached in a quality translation company. The agency started as a legal translation agency in Cairo, Egypt deciding that the busy capital city was a hub for business dealings. The populated city continues to have a high need for legal translation. What’s more?

Our business is being a one-stop translation and Localization Services in Dubai for more clients around the world. We hope to expand our translation company in Dubai and high-quality language services to Western and Eastern parts of the world. With an entire team focused on doing their jobs faithfully, we have no doubt that TransHome will be one of the top translation and localization agencies in the world.  

Going More Places and Still a Translation Company Through and Through

TransHome started as a Professional Certified Translation in Dubai and continues to be reputed as one of the top translation and localization agencies in the Middle East and North Africa region. Our clients come from all over the world for competitive prices, honest deadlines, responsive teams, and quality translation services. 

A Translation Company Focused on Convenience and Technology

Part of what has helped us become one of the top translation and localization companies in the Middle East and North Africa region is embracing new technology in all of its many forms. Form the beginning years, we were keen about incorporating the latest hardware and software programs in specialized services. We implemented a modern system of having senior translators and other specialists train new team members. This saved a great deal of time and allowed us to focus our resources on incorporating more software programs into our services.

Accreditation after Months of Round-the-Clock Work

Accreditation after Months of Round-the-Clock Work

We have gone a long way since our Legal Translation in Dubai was established, board members worked hard until TransHome was accredited by all embassies, consulates, and other government agencies. Taking what we achieved with this huge step in the right direction, our company sought to make translation services even more convenient to clients. Those who remain in their home countries can get certified translated documents delivered right to their door by a local TransHome office.

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